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How to Stay on-track and not Ramble in Videos

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The best piece of advice I ever received on the foundations of any 'quality' (aka professional-looking) video presentation, was passed to me at my first ever TV Presenter audition.
In 1981, I'd been working as a DJ at a country radio station, (located an 8+ hour drive away from the nearest capital city) for about a year. The next step on my ambition ladder at that time was to get a job in TV.

With that in mind, and knowing that TV Presenter jobs aren't advertised, I'd sent an unsolicited audition tape to a TV station in the city.
A week or so later, I received a letter saying ...

"thanks very much for your interest, we don't have anything at the moment, but the next time you're in town please feel free to come in and see me." 😃

Needless to say, I made sure I was 'in town again' the very next week! 🏃‍♀️

Anyways cutting the story short ... I had a meeting with the TV exec who'd so kindly responded to me.

He played my tape back and went through my 10+ minutes of rambling about who I was, what I did, what I wanted, was interested in blah, blah, blah ... 🤦‍♀️
When it was over, he told me this ...

"If you want to keep the attention of your audience, you have to learn to say things using fewer words." 
It was the BEST VIDEO TIP I ever received. 

Now, here we are in 2021 and that advice is even more relevant, particularly for those of us who use VIDEO on Social Media platforms for business-related purposes.

Every day in my business as a video coach I encounter folks who take two, three four (or more) times the amount of time (needed) to deliver their message in videos and Lives.
They're using waaaay too many words.

Sometimes taking minutes to find their way to spelling out what it is they're actually 'here' to talk about.
They ramble on and on, as they try to find a point to what they're rabbiting on about and the result is -- they end up down a rabbit hole eating a plate full of waffles.

That's a total waste of time and opportunity!

There's a reason for this.
They want to sound natural and speak of the cuff, but once they hit record (or Live) and start their presentation, nerves take over, the adrenaline pumps hard, and brain function diminishes, 

When planning a video or Live for Social platforms, remember the Newsfeed stats:
  • .11 of a second to capture the human eye
  • 3 seconds to capture attention
  • 10-15 seconds to deliver the diamond that will engage your ideal client to watch for longer.

This means you MUST use fewer words and hit your point at the top of your presentation, not halfway through or -- God forbid, the end.

Those first 10 seconds are where the audience gets to know your value, the rest of the video/Live is where the like and trust are developed -- with your ideal (potential) clients.

🌟 How do you do this?

  • Prepare your message; decide what the most important point (key takeaway) is for this video/Live.
  • Strip all the extraneous information away and speak out-loud that important point (your diamond); when you feel yourself starting to ramble, stop and start again. 
  •  Keep doing this until you get to the stage that you can express your point in one short, sharp, clear, and concise sentence.
  • Then determine what story/case history/analogy you are going to use in your presentation to validate your point.    
  • Decide what the first words out of your mouth will be, and what words you'll use to close the presentation -- the bookends.

    Then you're good to go!
    BONUS, the act of preparing your message this way actually creates a new neural pathway, an express route between the exact information you want to share and your mouth.

    This makes it much easier to stay on track and, if you get distracted, get back on track.

    Thanks for reading. 

    P.S. If you'd like a copy of a Message Map that I created to help my clients (and me ) plan and navigate messages to present in Newsfeed videos and Lives, you can download one here.

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