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Do Likes & Comments on Your Videos Really Matter? 

engagingcontent makingmoneyonline onlinebusiness onlinesales videocoaching videoconfidence videocontent videomarketing Jun 21, 2021

Well, kinda yes but also no.

They certainly make us feel good about the time we've spent creating video content.

And the algorithm looks at them as measures of how engaging the content is -- determining how much more organic exposure your video will receive. Which of course helps more people see your video content.

However, they're not a measure of income.

At the moment I'm actively marketing a training program for real estate agents, (on how to create videos to market themselves and their listings), and over 76% of people who've bought it, didn't leave a Like or Comment on the Post with the link they purchased from.

Another colleague of mine finds himself in conversations with concerned friends and family about "how his business is going" because they don't see many reactions on his Posts.

As he says "it all goes down in the direct messages". That's where the money is made.

The other important thing to keep in mind was beautifully put in a viral TikTok (if you spent time in Newsfeeds recently you may have seen it) that made its way onto Insta, LinkedIn, and FB.

It was Posted by a glamorous woman with sparkles all over her face (not sure if it was a filter, 'cos I was too focused on her message). The message went something like this...

 "You Post on Insta and receive 4 reactions and 1 comment. Then you look at the Views for the same Post and see there was 300+" 

So don't get discouraged.

The points to keep in mind are:

Views count! You have to be seen for people buy from you.

Likes & Comments are nice to have but don't = $

Now go Live, share your genius with the world, and be seen.

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