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Do you really need spaghetti hanging out your ears?

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Something I see quite a bit of in Newsfeed videos and Lives is, folks with their earphones in their ears.

Guess what ... it's messy (at best) and often unnecessary.

I know the motivation is well-intentioned -- 'having good audio' -- but the reality is, 97 times out of 100 it's a redundant thing.


Good Newsfeed video/Lives have you framed up nice and tight in the shot, this means you're about arm's length from the phone/camera lens. This also means you're in close proximity to the microphone.

So, unless you're in a noisy environment (tips on dealing with that next), your phone will capture 'good audio'.

IF you're in a noisy place (and don't have the option to move) then yes, using your earphones/handsfree set-up will help get a better result -- however, this doesn't mean you should have the thin bits of white wire hanging from your ears like tendrils of cold spaghetti!

In May, I did a Live into the Video Presenter Training for Entrepreneurs Facebook group, showing how to avoid this look because, when it comes to non-verbal communication cues (aka body language), having head/earphones on/in really works against you.

You can check out the tips in the 4-minute video here. 
(If you can't view the video it means you're not a member, the remedy for that is to request access here.)


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