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I will help you 'look, feel, and sound great' in your videos, so you can, show-up in front of a camera, stand-out in Newsfeeds, and succeed online.
Getting visible and establishing yourself as the go-to authority in your niche, achieving your income goals will be easier for you. Because,
folks will come to you ready to buy, rather than you having to sell to them.

How I can help you.

60-minute intro course

No fluff, no BS, just the basics of what to do and in what order so you can start to create videos you can feel confident won't harm your brand.

$147.00 USD

6-week Group Program

It's not possible to build an online business without getting in front of a camera and making videos.

The better you are at that the easier it will be to attract, engage & convert more of the people you want to work with.

Find out the secrets to being seen (stopping the scroll), attracting, engaging, nurturing,

and converting your ideal people, using video -- AND
feel really good about yourself as you do it!

$697.00 USD (pay-in-full)

3 x pay plan

Same 6-week program, split over 3 monthly payments of $257.00 USD

1-on-1 coaching

Customized training for your specific requirements and goals. Solutions for teams are also available.

Book a (free) exploratory call to discuss your needs.

Starr Codd

"I can truly say that working with Sue it has enabled me to hit six-figures in the online space in well under a year. Without the camera abilities, I would not have been able to connect with my audience and sell to my audience the way that I have. I can’t thank Sue enough! Her strategies have helped me to gain confidence, show up, stand out, and succeed!"

"Sue’s feedback on my recent video campaign to educate clients and prospects on a new business solution was invaluable - she helped hone the message, teaching me to say in 2 minutes what I was originally saying in 5 - the video has cut through and the sales are following. If your sales team are looking to video as the next frontier of client engagement, then I’d strongly recommend getting Sue involved - she’ll tell you straight if your content is rubbish, and she’ll get you on track and on message much faster than trying to do in-house"

Rob Garland

Jane Eyles Bennet

"Sue really helped me put together a professional look in my videos. I'm much clearer and more specific about what I want to say and also have an over-all look that I want to project to my audience. Thanks, Sue, you were amazing"

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